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5 Top Tips for Moving Day

Here at Bryan Stevens Removals, we know just how stressful moving day can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are five top tips to make things a bit smoother for your house removals in Coventry.

5 Top Tips for Moving Day

1. Write a list

Write a list of all your service providers (gas, electric, tv, phone with account numbers, meter readings) as these will be very handy to contact when you arrive at your new property on moving day.

2. Start to pack early

It’s never too soon to start packing! If you begin to pack early in the process it gives you enough time to sort and clear any unused items. It also helps you to prioritise what should be packed first (items you will not need straight away) up to the last box containing all essential items such as paperwork, passports, keys, and an over night bag. Remember, we can help – we offer a packing service.

3. Before you leave

If you’re the last one out, double-check rooms to see nothing’s been left behind. Make sure all the utilities have been switched off, and all doors and windows, including outbuildings, are locked.

4. When you arrive

Go through the new home, room by room, to see everything is as it should be and that anything that was included in the sale is there. Call your solicitor or selling agent if you think something is missing. Take readings from the utility meters.

5. Relax

Please rest assured that Bryan Stevens Removals will make sure all furniture and boxes are put in the correct rooms and positions at your request so you can sit back and relax and worry about the unpacking after a good night’s sleep in your new home!

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