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How to Approach a Major Move

The time has come to move on, change your environment and start anew. As moving day approaches, why not use this golden time to take a good look at your possessions? We all collect things throughout our lives and only when boxing them up for a move do we truly see what we have accumulated. With some focused preparation before the move, you will be in great shape for your new adventure.

Bryan Stevens Removal Company Coventry have some tips to prepare for your big move:

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1. Create Three Categories

You need ‘keep’, ‘charity’ and ‘disposal’ areas to efficiently sort your things. Be ruthless with your sorting! This system ensures you will only be taking the important things with you.

2. Have Heavy Duty Bin Liners and Boxes Available

To avoid being surrounded by huge piles, get them straight into boxes or bags ready for their destination. Have plenty available, so you can complete the job you started.

3. Get Helpers on Board

Don’t suffer this task alone, it can be much more fun with friends involved. You’ll probably be more ruthless with a friend present, too. Choose a good organiser who will relish the opportunity to clean and sort.

4. Arrange Distribution or Disposal

Now you’ve put the time into sorting your things, don’t let them sit around. Make sure you arrange to take them to the charity shop and local refuse facility. Once you’ve cleared the things you don’t want, you can concentrate on the things you want to take with you.

5. Prepare Mentally

The following blog post contains some fantastic tips for mental preparation for your move: The Mind Set of a Move

6. Get in the Professionals for your Move

You’ve done the hard work, so let the professionals help you on moving day. Get a free quote from Bryan Stevens Removal Company Coventry for expert packing and domestic removal services. Serving Coventry, Leamington and Rugby you can be sure of a smooth and safe transition to your next destination.

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