Removals in Coventry, Leamington & Rugby

The Mindset of a Move

Cardboard boxes, canvas bags and wooden crates- there’s more to moving house/flat than just storage and transportation. The process isn’t just physical, it’s mental, too. You’re trading one place that you call home for another. There’s great emotion involved in such an act- and it’s not to be taken lightly.

Mindset of moving house

Bryan Stevens Removal Company is fully prepared to offer clients all the help they need when moving house in Coventry and the surrounding areas. We’re not just there for heavy lifting and packing.

1. Your surroundings
You’ll be sharing a neighbourhood with new neighbours, new shops and potentially new facilities. While some of these things may be upgrades, others may be startling changes. Where possible, take a walk around your soon-to-be home before the big date. Soak it all in so that it doesn’t become a shock to the system.

2. Children
As the buyer or renter of a new home, you may be used to the many changes that come with moving to a new location. Children, however, are very susceptible to the most minor of alterations. Before they enter the new home, try to lay out a few treasured items so that they instantly feel at home from the get-go. This should minimise any potential tearful incidents and make the main day less stressful.

3. Select the right movers
Many movers will just go about their day in a soulless manner, but Bryan Stevens Removals understands that changing locations comes with some nerves and hesitation. If you’re in need of a removal company in Coventry, Leamington and Rugby – our expertise and professionalism will give you one less thing to worry about.

4. Room arrangements
Before putting the keys in your new front door, it might be best to sit down with a layout of the new home on paper, and plot out which item of furniture will go where. Creating such a diagram and following it will give you a sense of accomplishment, letting you end the day on a highly positive note.

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